Use This Secret Spy Blogging Tools as an Advantage Over Competition

Do you want to start your blogging career because you’re inspired by successful bloggers? Then you’re not alone. It’s normal to get inspiration from professionals who made their name through sheer hard work.

Casey Neistat, the pioneer of YouTube vlogging inspired many people to shoot video blogs. In fact, a majority of early vlog channels tried to imitate him and copied some of his content. This suggests that there’s nothing wrong with looking up to others and follow in their footsteps to make your online business a success.

As a blogger, not only should you try your best to create great content, but also decide how to publish, distribute, promote, and monetize your blog. You can improve your vlogging strategy by monitoring video statistics of the top YouTube channels. Similarly, your blog can perform better if you keep an eye on the strategy of other popular blogs in your niche.

It’s never recommended to copy everything your competitors do. Instead, you should determine what other blogging influencers are doing and learn from their experiences. All you need to do is to get the right tools. You may already be using Moz and SEMrush to improve SEO ranking, but the following lesser-known tools can also produce great results:

WP Theme Detector

You were browsing the internet when you came across a website. The amazing design captivated you and you wanted a similar design for your website to enhance its appeal. However, you had to let go because you couldn’t find the website theme despite searching for a long time.

Does this scenario seem familiar?

You can now find any theme with the help of WP Theme Detector. It’s a free digital tool that makes it easier for you to trace the theme of any WordPress site. All you need to do is to enter the URL of the website you like and it will show the theme regardless of whether it is free or paid. It also shows information about installed plugins and downloadable links on the site.

However, if the theme was custom designed by a website designer, it won’t be able to do so. The tool rather displays the name of the blog theme provider in case it’s a custom theme. If you’re interested in acquiring their services for your website, you can contact them and place your order.


While some website owners prefer off-the-shelf website themes, tech-savvy people tend to avoid it so as to make their website user-friendly and improve its SEO ranking. If you come across a website with a complex structure, you would need an advanced tool to better understand its structure and performance.

This is when BuiltWith comes into play!

It shows the content management system that the website is based on as well as widgets and plugins it uses. If a website uses a content delivery network (CDN) to improve user experience, this tool will guide you about that too. It’s an easy yet effective way to find out the services and products that are used by your favorite blog.

IG Audit

Instagram users that want to quickly build followers tend to buy likes and followers through freelance marketplaces. This practice is quite harmful in the long run and you should rather focus on moral ways to build your brand.

However, if you want to know whether a particular Insta account buys fake likes, you should try IG Audit. It’s a free analytics tool that provides insights into the authenticity of an Instagram user’s account.

It’s extremely easy to use this app. Just copy the name of the account and it’ll go through the comments, likes, and followers to determine whether the engagement on their account is genuine. It will tell you the percentage of authentic followers and you can compare it with your own account.

Instagram accounts can’t gain 100% genuine followers due to the increasing use of bots. But you should aim to increase the follower base through valid means.


It’s crucial for online businesses to promote their products and services to gain customers. Whether you’ve published blog posts, launched an eBook or introduced a comprehensive online course for your audience, you ought to create engaging ads to increase sales.

Moat is an amazing tool that can help you find the most creative ads on the internet for inspiration. If you are inspired by the creativity of a particular brand, you can search for the brand and the tool will display all their ads available on the internet. You can also find out the dimensions of banner ads by hovering over them.

But keep in mind that copying an ad won’t do you good. When customers notice plagiarism, they would lose interest and avoid buying your products. You should rather get inspired by these ads and learn from them to make your marketing campaigns more fruitful.


The purpose of the aforementioned spy tools is to understand the strategy of popular businesses and blogs. This information can guide you and help you create a winning strategy for your blog.

Do you use any spy tools to elevate blog performance? Let us know and we will cover them in the next blog posts!

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