Work from home health issues

Top 5 Health Issues related to People Working From Home

Thanks to the minimal cost for startup and the amazing potential for success and progress ahead, people prefer getting into fields like blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. to earn money the easy way. This brings us to work from home, which is truly a treat. It provides you with all the comfort you can get while making enough money to support yourself. As compared to a regular traditional job, working from home helps you save a lot of time and money. Even if you invest a few hours into this line of work, you can still make a good number of bucks because the work keeps on coming in since world wide web connects you with the whole world.

Despite being seemingly the best and most comfortable option out there, working at home isn’t as easy as one would suppose. You might not have a boss or a manager keeping an eye on you at all times but there are a couple of distractions that can cause you to lose track of time or even procrastinate. Moreover, working from home also has adverse effects on one’s health. You let the little things slide until they pile up to become enormous threats to your healthy lifestyle. So keep yourself alert at all times of such problems and make sure to take care of them while you’re at it.

1. Back Pain

Sitting upright for work over extended periods of time has adverse effects on your body. Your backbone, hips and tailbone are direct victims of this problem. Being subjected to this unwanted pressure for a long time interval causes pain later. Especially when at home, people tend to forget their postures and sit in weird positions that might seem comfortable at the moment but later aren’t that fun to deal with. Well, how can this be avoided?

Doctors advise patients to keep changing their positions and not maintain a single position for a long time. If you’re sitting, then stand up and walk around a little. If you’re standing then stretch. Keep your limbs moving so that they don’t become stiff because that’s surely going to hurt a while later.

If you’re prone to forgetting about your body posture, then set a reminder to stand up and get some fresh air every once in a while. There are multiple apps online too like Kanban boards that can help you keep this bad habit of yours in check.

2. Strain on Eyes

If your job includes sitting in front of the computer screen all day long then you’re, without a doubt, putting a lot of strain on your eyes. The electronic devices we use all the time like our mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. project all the things on the screen majorly through the blue light. This blue-ish light causes fatigue for your eyes due to continuous concentration on the mentioned screens.

To save your eyes from such atrocity, many devices now come with a filtered red-ish night or reading light mode. This light tends to decrease the blueness of the screen by using a red overlay. Apart from that, you can find many apps and programs like f.lux that help adjust the color of the monitor’s display based on the time of the day. You may also use Gunnar Optiks’ blue light filtering glasses to keep your eyes at ease.

3. Sleeping Problems

The case could be that either you’re too busy with work that you often forget to give yourself enough time for sleep. Another case could be that you’re too lazy and sleep in during the day because there’s no boss or manager there to tell you off for lazing around. Both these problems affect your sleeping schedule and the quality of sleep you’re getting.

You need to pay more attention to this problem if you want a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Truth is, you might be okay with this habit now but it can have very bad effects long term, both on your health and on your work so try to battle it ASAP.

4. Dehydration

Once you get into the entire process of working and meeting deadlines, you’re bound to forget about keeping yourself hydrated for long periods. This might result in quick dehydration and nausea. You can’t afford such a delay when you’re working now can you?

Experts usually recommend people to drink at least 8 glasses (or 2 gallons) of water every day. This is the average amount of water required to keep one hydrated throughout these 24 hours. People may replace water with other beverages, juices, tea, etc. but it is always best to just take plain old water and maybe squeeze a lemon or lime into it to get the perfect hydration that your body needs.

Another tip is to keep a specific-sized bottle around you, preferably around 500 millilitres to 1 litre that you can drink from all day long. You can also install various apps that are designed for reminding one of drinking water at specific times throughout the day.

5. Hunger and Malnutrition

One might think that working from home is very beneficial regarding the meals you’ll be having throughout the day. Working outside restricts you to buying food from other outlets because let’s be honest, not all of us have the time to pack food from home and then eat it later on our job. But when it comes to working from home, life isn’t that easy either. Chances are that you might get so busy with work that you’ll soon start ignoring your food needs and start surviving on home deliveries which are often not the healthiest for you. 

Therefore, it is completely up to you to develop the habit of taking care of your hunger with healthy home-cooked meals, otherwise, you’ll either feel malnourished or won’t be able to think straight due to not enough natural food-derived chemicals in your body.

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