This is how we make money

This is how we made $3,434 with a ClickFunnel and mostly free traffic!

First of all we have to say this tutorial is for more advanced users who know how to setup sales pages, but even if you don’t know how to make websites, you can still get a lot of value from this tutorial and you won’t waste your time reading it!

I recently ran an effective marketing campaign through Facebook and plan to share my strategy with you through this blog. I promoted products by joining Facebook groups and also re-targeted the audience through emails. I was able to earn profits worth $3,434. Actually it was $4,293, but after the refunds and fees $3,434 was the final number, net profit.

I will highlight the procedure of how I created the sales funnel, ran ads on Facebook, and set up email campaigns. Not only did these tactics help me boost social media presence, but also significantly increased website traffic.

Sales Funnel

Whole sales funnel

During the journey, I focused on MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats. Keep in mind that while the profit margin may not be too high, the chargeback rate will be low too. This technique can increase the ROI in the long run.

You can sell your products via a website. Make sure that the title is emotionally appealing and add a real and professional image of the product. Refrain from adding irrelevant information to the landing page to keep distractions at bay. Keep the content precise and don’t add any information on the sales page apart from the form to add customer information and the option for subscribing to newsletters.

Nothing excites customers more than discounts or giveaways. So, capture the attention of your target audience through an OTO (one-time) offer. For instance, you can offer them to buy a second product for their loved ones at half the price. There aren’t many other better ways to capture leads than offering a 50% discount to someone who has just purchased your market offering.

This method is referred to as one-click-sales and is a fundamental part of ClickFunnels. When a customer enters their payment details and purchases a product, they can easily opt for another item with a single additional click.

You may try other strategies to increase website traffic, but adopting a funnel model can raise the average cart value by up to three times. Beginners that don’t develop sales funnels tend to struggle with e-commerce sales and often wind up their business due to huge losses.

The next step is to persuade customers to buy special edition coins or other special products. Such offers entice target customers and help you upsell. The purpose of such offers is to retain customers and attract them to buy more products after the initial purchase. Unlike attracting a new audience, it’s relatively easier to convince existing leads to shop from your online store and maximize the order value.

You can experiment with a variety of products and strategies to build a funnel and enjoy immense success.

However, don’t forget that not every customer would be interested in buying more products than they need, particularly when they are on a budget. So, it’s important to provide an exit pop-up after the initial purchase. You can offer freebies such as relevant wallpapers to establish goodwill. You can re-market your products to such leads down the line. Keep it simple and these pop-ups will perform better than your expectations because those buying customers are highly targeted and responsive.

It’s also recommended to add Facebook Messenger marketing to sales funnel. You can enable users to log in through their Facebook account instead of manually entering personal and financial information. This is similar to email marketing but gives spectacular results since you can engage your ideal audience via social channels. ManyChat is a free tool for this purpose that can make your task easier.

Email Marketing Campaign

To make the most of my marketing campaigns, I rely on the basic formula and you should follow in my footsteps to increase revenue.

Value > Pitch > Value > Pitch > Value > Pitch

It’s best to divide the audience into two categories: Potential buyers and cold leads. This way, you can send messages that resonate with the target audience and can grab their attention.

To begin with, you should offer freebies to email recipients regardless of whether or not they have bought any products from you. You can start emails by sharing free wallpaper download packs with the email list and then write a 200-300 word email content relevant to the product niche. Lastly, you can provoke the desired action by reminding the audience to grab the best deal until it lasts.

The next email you send should be a direct sales pitch that encourages readers to buy the product. If they have not yet become a customer, you need to redirect them to the beginning of the sales funnel. Otherwise, it’s better to focus on upselling. Repeat this process with a two-day gap between each email. Once you’ve achieved a sales target, you can reduce the frequency of emails and rely on random email blasts to sell different products.

The technique isn’t too complex. You just have to be patient and develop a strategy prior to executing marketing campaigns.

Drive Traffic through Facebook Groups

The major reason why this funnel helped me with my success was that it mainly revolved around Facebook groups. I tried different tactics such as posting links to my offers, sharing freebies, and building relationships with group members. While it’s rare, group admins may agree to support your brand and share posts about your products if you ask them to do so.

To get started, you should create professional Facebook accounts instead of using your personal profile for online selling. You can also purchase high-quality accounts from reliable sellers. However, make sure that accounts are verified, have a huge number of followers from the geographical location you intend to target, and that you’re buying from a reputable source. You can find many good sellers at the BHW forum.

After acquiring desired accounts, don’t forget to update the description to ensure it represents your business the right way and looks reliable. It’s important to cautiously choose a profile picture. If you select a stock image and any of your followers searches your profile picture via Google, then you’d be in trouble. You should rather try to get unique and genuine images.

Now that everything is ready, you can join groups that can help you promote your products.

Remember that Facebook group audience tends to be suspicious of businesses interested in promoting their products. So, you may have to answer several questions to verify that you deal in quality products and are a reliable seller. Be honest and clearly answer questions to avoid backlash.

It may take 24-48 hours for group admins to take a look at your profile and answers and decide whether or not your request to join the group should be approved. Don’t waste this precious time and utilize the spare time to compose the right emails for email campaigns and add new products to the sales funnel.

Once your request is approved, you’d be inclined to start promoting your products right away, but wait! You may end up facing a penalty if it’s against the rules of the group.

Before you perform any activity on the Facebook group, it’s a must to read guidelines and rules of that specific group. Once you’re done with this, you should interact with other members and post a brief introduction about yourself to break the ice. Building relationships with your target audience will greatly benefit you in the long run.

The key to earning success on Facebook is consistency. The more you post on groups and consistently promote the brand message, the higher will be the chances to increase sales. The engagement may not be high when you begin posting content. But if you keep working hard, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful social media marketer.

Now, let’s talk about the groups that strictly prohibit any sort of self-promotion. If you’re a member of such groups, stay away from posting direct links to your sales funnel for it may result in a penalty. You can rather try custom redirects and email pop-ups that drive traffic to the landing pages through which you sell your main products. This technique helped me gain hundreds of leads and it can work the same way for you as well.

InterOptin is a cost-effective tool through which you can create pop-ups without hassles. Furthermore, it also gives you the option to design custom thumbnails with different titles for Facebook preview.

You can also develop lead magnet pages for your products. While this method is easy and effective, it involves certain risks.

Lastly, you should consider exchanging direct messages with other members of Facebook groups to invoke their interest. You can ask them to support your business and pay a visit to the offer page. Although this method gives results, it takes up quite some time. Furthermore, some members may report your account to group admins for breaching privacy. However, if you have built a relationship beforehand and share personalized messages, then this risk will be reduced.


The best thing about this sales funnel is that you need not perform every task on your own and can automate them to save time and effort.

Email Marketing 

Since email marketing is the most crucial part of your strategy, you ought to automate it at the earliest. By making the most of auto-responding features, you can save time.

For this purpose, choose an email marketing tool and schedule emails for different days and times. Advanced tools also enable you to send customized emails when a customer performs any activity, such as buying your product.

It’s important to test marketing campaigns before execution. Some marketers overlook this step and they pay the price when all their efforts go in vain due to system malfunction. So, check the automation feature to ensure it delivers desired messages to customers without errors.

Facebook Group Posts

Not only should you join Facebook groups and create posts, but also monitor the performance. This way, you can identify groups that appreciate your promotional posts the most. You can add them to a list and automate posting via bots, again I recommend you check BHW forum where you can find a lot of great automation software.

You can find a variety of tools such as Pilot Poster to perform this operation. It allows you to write a post and spins it to create different and unique versions of the same post. This feature helps you come up with a myriad of natural posts in lesser time.

It’s extremely important to thoroughly test this step for you may get blocked from Facebook groups if everything doesn’t work as per your expectations. Moreover, multiple reports against you may lead the Facebook authorities to block your account. Therefore, test Facebook post automation several times before implementing it.

We have written more in detail about how to use Facebook group promotion to get free traffic so check it out.

Order Processing

When you’re new to this and have limited financial resources, it’s best to turn to automation instead of hiring a virtual assistant to book orders and ship items. It helps you scale up your business and manage multiple sales funnels.

The easiest way to do this is to add your products to a Shopify store, integrate ClickFunnels, and automate the rest. Automation software including Oberlo can effectively manage orders and autofill customer information.

Through Printful, which is a well-known print-on-demand service, you can fully automate the order fulfilment process. However, this approach is suitable only for print-on-demand items and the cost of managing the store can be a little higher.


To be precise, the above post can help you get started and increase sales through a product sales funnel. Whether you’re new to online selling or an experienced marketer, you will find these tips useful.

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