Start Earning Money Online

Noob Friendly Method to Start Earning Online Today Without Investment or a Website!

In this article we will cover the most basic way of start earning money online as soon as today! No money needed, no websites needed, only your will and time!


First and foremost you want to go ahead and pick your niche and it is basically a category and defines what industry do you want to target. There are many possible niches that you could do, make money on Instagram, weight loss, make money online, online dating, self-help and so on…The importance of a niche is finding something that you’re passionate about and you know lot about so you can offer solutions to problems in that particular niche and get audience that way. For example if you enjoy reading books, you could offer book reviews content.

Picking up a product to promote

Next step would be to to actually find a product that you can offer to your audience and make a commission on their purchase. Most known sites with a lot of product that you can advertise are ClickBank, Jvzoo and Max Bounty just to name a few. These places are called affiliate networks and there you will be selling other’s people products which saves you a lot of trouble because you do not have to create your own product but start promoting other’s products right away! Depending on a product, some of them are going to pay you fifty to seventy-five percent commission to promote their products. To give you an example from the niche that I personally prefer which is Business and marketing, one of the products is a webinar about how to become profitable within 1 month and it costs $1000 from which you would get 50% on every sale that you make with this product! Once you’re registered on any off the affiliate networks and you pick the product, you will get your unique affiliate link to promote the picked product and now you’re ready to start promoting it!


In order to generate sales you will need traffic of course and there are many ways of getting traffic online. One of a great free ways to get traffic are Facebook groups which I’ve covered the other day so you can go check that out. Basically all social networks are a great source of free traffic, you just need to find a way to promote your product in a subtle way to avoid getting banned. What I mean by “subtle” is not just spamming your affiliate link all over the place, but be creative and make it look genuine. Let me give you an example. Lets take Reddit for example which has a lot of communities. Subtle way would be to have 2 accounts and with first one you could ask how to solve some problem. With your second account on the other hand you will offer a solution and part of the solution will also be the product that you’re trying to sell. This will look to the rest of the community like genuine content while you will be promoting your product.
You can use this same method on all social networks to get yourself free traffic!

Ok, now we have the whole circle covered, basically you’re ready to start making cash online only by understanding the 3 paragraphs that you’ve just read and by investing your time into a promotion. By time you will become more and more efficient and you will need less traffic to get more sales.

Some other time we will cover more advance techniques such as lead magnet pages which will help you capture all that traffic leads before sending them to the product affiliate link. That way you will start building yourself a mailing list which can make you a lot of money once it becomes big enough. Until then, start with the basics and start earning money online today, cheers!

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