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Method – Make money by building a list of loyal Facebook messenger subscribers

Facebook Messenger marketing is taking over the internet by storm. If you haven’t tried it, you should explore it for long-term benefits. With around 84% open rate, it possesses the ability to become the most effective marketing tactic. In fact, Messenger marketing tends to produce better results than email campaigns.

The purpose of this blog post is to help you better understand Messenger marketing and message bots. We will also share strategies through which we have been building a massive list of Messenger subscribers for a variety of niches.

This is how our campaigns work:

Ads -> Messenger Subscription -> Daily Messenger Sequence -> Offers -> Content -> Offer

A screenshot of subscribers of one of the challenges this week.
A screenshot of subscribers of one of the challenges this week.

When designing a content strategy for your business, don’t copy what others are doing. What worked for them may not always give you the same results. Here’s a brief insight into the strategy that helped us and you can take inspiration from these ideas:

  • Weekly simple challenges (like fitness challenge and learning a new skill)
  • Daily quotes
  • Light jokes on a daily basis
  • Daily tips relevant to the niche

Not only does the aforementioned content add value, but it also entertains the audience. This approach is quite helpful in establishing credibility and building long-term relationships. When followers subscribe to your Messenger list, they make a commitment. Now, it’s up to you how you reward them and make money to turn this into a win-win situation for both.

Right Niche + Engaging Content => Trust and Money

First – Messenger Bots

Once you attract sufficient followers through your Facebook account, a Facebook comment growth tool such as ManyChat Free can direct them to the Messenger bot.

Step#1: Build Sequence

Introducing a challenge may work in your favor. If you decide to do so, you should collect the necessary information beforehand. Also, don’t forget to award gifts to followers who successfully complete a challenge. Aside from text, it’s also crucial to add relevant images because they effectively attract the audience.

To maximize the earning potential, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Referrals – Encourage subscribers to invite their friends to the challenge
  • Facebook Groups – Facebook groups are an important part of your strategy. They help you promote loyalty among followers and build a community around your brand. You should create a closed group and share product information and giveaway details with members
Members growth once we started inviting them from the sequence.
Members growth once we started inviting them from the sequence.

Step#2: Create Subscription Flow

The next step is to set up the flow of Messenger subscribers. You should add relevant call-to-action to entice followers to subscribe to the Messenger list. This will enable users to subscribe to the list by replying to your Facebook messages.

Step#3: Publish Facebook Posts

It’s recommended to keep your Facebook page up-to-date and publish regular posts. However, instead of publishing posts immediately after creating them, you should schedule it for after an hour. This will give you ample time to set up the growth tool.

When you create a post, you want to attract the right audience so they like and comment on the post. You may try to be creative and post images and text to promote your brand. But it’s better to post content that is familiar to the audience because it converts. When we executed the campaign, we learned that simple images with concise information worked better than everything else.

You can create plain image posts with text such as:

  • 7-Day Fitness Challenge: Comment “Yes” to Join
  • 30-Day Dieting Challenge: Comment “Yes” to Become a Member

You may argue that it’s against Facebook guidelines to directly ask users for comments. But the truth is that we never faced any problem with such comment-to-Messenger posts. But you should be cautious if you want to adopt this method.

Step#4: Facebook Comment Growth Tool Is Necessary

A Facebook comment growth tool works in the following way:

Growth tool -> New growth tool -> Facebook comment

To adjust its settings, you should take the following actions:

  • Choose the scheduled Facebook post
  • Click “I confirm”
  • Change the setting from “When the user leaves a comment” to “Immediately”

You can also automate responses to customer messages to save time. This way, even when you aren’t online, followers will receive timely responses. Let’s take a look at the major components of automated responses:

  • You can show appreciation through messages
  • Don’t forget to add emoticons
  • Guide them about the challenge and rewards
  • Since Facebook automatically inserts the post link, it’s important to clarify that the link is genuine and highlight its purpose

Here is an example:

Hi {First Name}!

Welcome to the XYZ Challenge. We are glad you have joined us. You will receive a reminder every day to help you stay on track. Once you successfully complete the challenge, you will receive a XXX gift.

To begin your journey, please type “

(Ignore the link below since it will redirect you to the post you just clicked. Instead, type Start to get started).

You can also add a variety of additional opt-in actions for better results:

  • Select the checkbox “Send to everyone who replies”
  • Choose the subscription flow under the opt-in message section

Second – Invest in Facebook Ads

We recently ran a Facebook ad campaign to increase the reach of posts. We collected the following information from the performance of ads:

  • Objective: PPE (Page post engagement)
  • Audience: People with similar interests
  • Platform: Mobile only
  • Expenses: $0.1-$0.15 per subscriber

To make your ads more effective, you should conduct a thorough research about the audience. You can later exclude those people from the target audience list who are already aware of your page and have engaged with your posts in the past. After all, it’s no use wasting money on showing them the same ads again and again.

Bonus Tip

Facebook Messenger has maintained a good open rate. But it’s still possible that your messages may go unread by recipients and your efforts will go in vain. If you don’t want to lose potential subscribers, you should also reply to the comments of followers. It’s best to automate this task through advanced tools to save time and effort. Timely responses to comments will help you increase subscriptions.

Try to use the same keywords in comments that are a part of your Facebook Messenger campaign. In our case, the keyword “Start” was present in the messages we send to our target audience. So, we added comments such as “Please check your Inbox to Start.“

Third – Announce Special Offers

Unless you offer gifts, you may struggle to make campaigns fruitful. So, make it a must to reward the audience for their participation. For this purpose, you can offer free shipping on online purchases, free trials or free eBooks.

Bonus Tips

  • Retarget Subscribers – Your existing Messenger subscribers know you. You should buy ManyChat upgrade to export this audience. This will allow you to retarget them and show the same offer. But after a few times, it’s recommended to move on to a new product. Also, when you set up Facebook ads, exclude buyer audience to improve targeting
  • Target Lookalike Audience – Creating a lookalike audience is a great way to target new users that are similar to your existing customer base. You should send broadcast messages after the sequence. However, make sure you don’t bombard them with messages to earn their trust

To conclude, this was the step-by-step process of how we built a list of numerous loyal Messenger subscribers. You can follow in our footsteps and automate it or outsource the task to a professional. While it may take some time to set up, the campaign will run on its own for months to come. Once you understand the process, there’s nothing wrong with implementing this strategy in different niches.

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