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Instagram and Blogging: 6 Ways You Can Increase Your Follower Base

There’s no denying that blogging on Instagram is one of the most effective and proven tactics to build your business and promote it online.

It’s not a good idea to overlook other digital platforms such as Google and Pinterest that can bring huge traffic to your website. However, you can’t build readership and win loyal fans without using Instagram. This popular social platform provides you with the opportunity to build a community around your brand and stay in touch with followers. You can’t achieve the results this quickly through other channels!

The key to increasing blog traffic and increasing revenue by manifold is to stay active on Instagram and keep in touch with the target audience.

Blogging on Instagram: What Is It?

Blogging on Instagram is far different from managing a personal account and is referred to as a mini-blog. This is why you should keep your personal account separate from the professional one.

You should make the most of your mini-blog and use it to capture the attention of your audience. Make sure the content you publish through posts and stories is relevant to your niche and can help you increase sales.

Tips to Increase Your Instagram Readership

Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you attract your target followers and increase the readership of your blog:

1. Define Your Goals

To achieve success, you should always have clear goals in mind. So, before you set up your Instagram blog, identify the objectives you want to achieve. For instance:

  • You want to earn passive income
  • You want to build a brand
  • You want to reach the untapped customer base

Once you are clear about your goals, it will be easier to design a content strategy and create posts that can increase engagement.

Set Up a Posting Schedule

Instagram is one of the most active social platforms and you can achieve your goals only if you post content regularly. You can reap the benefits in the form of increased exposure.

The first rule of blogging on Instagram is to decide your niche and then post content that adds value to that niche. If your posts divert from the content strategy, all your efforts will go in vain. If you’re unsure what type of content you should post then there’s nothing wrong with asking your audience. You can also follow other influencers in your niche to get ideas.

However, keep in mind that copying what others are doing won’t do you any good. You can take inspiration from their strategy and ideas and then utilize this information to make your blog a success.

Scheduling tools allow you to schedule your posts for the appropriate times. Later, Iconosquare, and Zoho Social are great apps/tools for this purpose. This way, you can publish content when most of your target users are online and catch their attention.

2. Promote The Blog

Unless people know about your blog, how do you expect them to pay your blog a visit? Therefore, it’s crucial to promote your blog through Instagram. This way, you can increase traffic and earn followers.

Instagram Bio

Instagram doesn’t allow you to publish links apart from the website section of your bio. Make the most of this opportunity and add the blog link to your profile bio.


Instagram stories are like reality TV shows that share the glimpses of your lifestyle with your followers. People enjoy looking into the lives of others and want to know what they are doing. Not only can you share life events through stories, but also use them as a promotion tool. Isn’t that great?

Stories play an extremely important role in blog promotion. You can share valuable information with your followers and direct them to your blog. Post content about things that attract your ideal readers and share resources through which they can learn more about your niche.

3. Focus On Your Target Audience

While it’s important to consistently publish content, you can’t overlook the importance of relevancy. When it comes to growing your blog through Instagram, you ought to post content that is relevant to your niche and solves problems for the target audience. You can do so by conducting surveys from the audience and asking them useful questions about their interests.

For instance, if you run a travel blog, you can share your experiences as well as guide your followers about how they can enjoy their trip to the fullest. If people can relate to your content, they will trust you. Don’t forget that your content should revolve around your ideal followers. Talk to your audience through your posts and it won’t take long before you notice an upward trend in engagement.

4. Hashtags Are Important!

You should add top Instagram hashtags to your post because they can help people find your blog and increase your followers. The best thing about these hashtags is that Instagram users can decide which hashtags they want to follow, based on their interests.

So, even if they don’t directly follow your blog, your posts will still appear in their feed. Moreover, when anyone browses through a hashtag you have added to your post, they will also get to know about your blog.

It’s possible to add up to 30 hashtags in every post. No doubt, it’s tempting to use all top trending hashtags in your posts. However, it’s not a good idea because you can’t attract your ideal audience this way. The best way to implement this strategy is to use relevant hashtags that attract your ideal audience.

5. Network More

One of the best ways to build followership is to stay active on Instagram. The more time you spend on the platform, the more it will benefit you. Your content will appear in the feed of more and more users. Post engaging content, follow influencers, like and comment on others’ posts, and talk to your audience through DM.

Just be genuine with the activities and don’t perform any activities for the sake of it. Don’t expect them to return the favor. If you engage with their content because you genuinely like it, they will return the favor down the road.

6. Be Different

With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a competitive platform. But it also opens doors for you to reach a huge audience. If you want to attract followers, you must stand out from the crowd. Before you do so, you want to identify your unique points and determine how you can stand apart from others in your niche.

Instead of being humble, you should think of your strong points and unique personality and create posts accordingly. If you’re good at photography, you can increase traffic through captured images. Or if you’re a good copywriter, you should let your amazing copy do the talking.

People are more interested in the behind-the-scenes instead of the perfect staged Instagram posts. So, share the entire process with them and you can gain their attention.

Instagram Blogging: FAQs

Here are the answers to the most common questions that arise in the minds of Instagram bloggers:

What Can I Do to Improve My Instagram Profile?

When an Insta user visits your profile, the sections they notice first are your display picture and the profile bio. Make sure you don’t use your personal profile for blogging purpose and add a professional image to create a positive first impression.

Through the bio section, you can promote your brand and spread awareness.

Be careful when updating this section. Keep the introduction simple and precise so the visitors can get an idea about your blog at a glance. You should add the information about how you intend to help your target audience with their problem and what should they expect from your business. You can also add emoticons to make it more appealing.

Before you design a content schedule, it’s recommended to come up with a theme for images. This will maintain consistency and make the images stand out. You should prefer light-colored themes since they are easy to the eye. You can test different themes to decide which scheme works best for you.

What to Post on Instagram?

The best way to design a winning content strategy is to define the persona of your target audience. This includes demographic and interests of your followers. Once you understand the expectations of your readers, you’ll find it easier to create engaging and relevant content for your Instagram blog.

To create content, you should brainstorm and come up with pain points of your audience and how you can help them with those issues. An easier way to do this is to ask your followers to fill up a survey form and share their problems, expectations, and feedback.

The reason why you joined the platform is that you want to earn money. So, don’t hesitate from promoting your products or services. Just make sure your content educates them about your brand and helps them understand how you can add value to them.

How Should I Promote My Blog Post?

There is nothing wrong with creating Instagram stories that promote your blog posts. However, this technique works best if you have less than 10,000 followers. If you have more followership than that, then you should make the most of the swipe up function.

You can’t add a link to your story, since Instagram prohibits users from adding links anywhere apart from the bio section. But you can install the Linktree tool to direct traffic to a page that contains multiple links you want to promote.

Do you want to know another effective way to direct traffic from your Instagram account to your blog? You should offer freebies!

I invite my followers to access a library where they can find free printables for download. In exchange, I ask them to provide their contact information and add them to my email list. This method has helped me increase blog traffic.

Another strategy that has helped me grow my blog is offering a free email course.

My marketing strategies have proved helpful because I believe in adding value for free. When I share a freebie, I don’t ask them to buy anything from me and instead collect their email address. This tactic helps me build an email list so I can promote my products and convince them to become a customer down the line.

The secret of promotion lies in Instagram stories. You may promote your blog through your feed, but it won’t gain the results since advertisements turn people off like nothing else. You may publish images, promoting your blog, but this approach doesn’t work well for Instagram users.

You Can Grow Your Blog with Consistency

Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012. After which, the popularity of the social platforms significantly increased. Today, it acts as a major traffic driver for many businesses and helps them establish goodwill. So, if you have an Instagram account yet, maybe after this article it’s time that you get active on Instagram.

When it comes to the most engaged social networks, Instagram stands on the second position. If you don’t want to miss out on this huge opportunity and want to stay ahead of the competition, you should follow your target audience and set up an Instagram promotion strategy for your blog.

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