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Earn $65 Every 30 Minutes Simply by Watching Videos!

We will explain you exactly how you can make sixty five dollars every 30 minutes by simply watching educational videos. You’re gonna go to a website called Coinbase which is a huge website with over 30 million users all around the world. It’s a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and even convert them straight into dollars and withdraw right into your PayPal account. Now, don’t freak out if you don’t like cryptocurrencies or if you find that topic too complex for your taste because this method is noob friendly and it doesn’t really matter if you like cryptos or not, money is money right!?

Check if your country is accepted

First step will be to go to Coinbase Places to make sure that your country is listed there because if it’s not, then this method will unfortunately not work for you.

Create a free Coinbase account

You’re gonna have to create a free account with Coinbase which is really easy and simply to do.

Navigate to Products/Earn in the main menu and start earning

To make it easy for you here is the direct link to Coinbase Earn page where you’re gonna see that you can get paid in cryptocurrency to learn about some of the coins that Coinbase is having the campaigns opened for at the moment. For instance the DAI coin which is a stable coin that aims to be worth exactly one $USD. By watching their videos you will learn how that specific coin works and you’ll earn money in the coin that you’re learning about.

What is DAI’

In the example picture above you can see that you’re gonna earn 2$ for watching the first 2 minute lesson which is called “What is DAI?”. So, while logged in, you’re gonna go ahead and click on start course and when you’re done watching the video, 2$ worth of DAI (2 DAI) will be inside your Coinbase wallet and if you want to cash it out, you will sell it for dollars and withdraw it right into your Paypal or a bank account, easy as that! For longer, 10 minute videos you will be able to earn as much as 14$!

Currently Coinbase has promo campaigns for DAI, BAT, EOS and Stellar Lumens but they are actively adding new projects so remember to check that Earn page every now and then to make sure you do not skip any new promotions from Coinbase. Happy earning guys!

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