CPA Marketing and Amazon: How to Make Money in 40 Minutes

As per my experience, CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing is one of the best ways to earn money real quick. You would need the following things to begin your journey:

  • CPA Network – You need a content locker to start earning money. OgAds, CPAlead, and CPAGrip are some of the best affiliate networks for this purpose
  • Landing Page – You have to direct online traffic to a landing page. BuilderAll is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution through which you can develop an attractive landing page in no time
  • Amazon Associates – It is an affiliate program by Amazon that isn’t necessary. But it can significantly increase the earning potential
  • Facebook Account – It can bring more traffic to the landing page
  • Twitter Account – Set up a professional Twitter account through which you can promote Amazon deals
  • Reddit Account – Reddit accounts are also helpful in increasing traffic


To begin with, you should choose a popular niche. For instance, entertainment, sports, movies, TV shows, and music attract many people. Next, create a Facebook account and join as many relevant groups as you can, without facing a penalty. Since it takes some time for group admins to review and accept your application, this step will be the longest.

Next, it’s time to build landing pages. BuilderAll software offers several templates and you can try Amazon Coupon templates to make the task easier. ClickFunnel also works the same way.

Now, you need to create a content locker with the help of a WordPress plugin. You can set it up so that visitors get to see the content locker when they click a specific button on the landing page. It’s also recommended to set up an “out of stock” landing page to make your campaign more effective.

When users fill the survey form, the content locker should take them to the second landing page that informs them that the coupon codes are out of stock, but they can get another code via Amazon. Don’t forget to add a link to the Amazon product next to this message to increase traffic to the Amazon product page.

With everything ready, you ought to create a Twitter account through which you can spread the word about the best deals and attract potential customers. You can use a single account for different niches.

Let’s take a look at a sample Twitter post for inspiration:

“Gamers get your Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Board game FREE for the next week. Go Here: [your landing page here] #harrypotterfever #harrypotterfans #harrypotter #boardgames

The Twitter account can act as a secondary landing page. When you write any post for Facebook groups or Reddit, it’s best to add links to twitter posts. It helps you steer clear of spam filters since Twitter is a high authority website. This way, you can bring visitors to your landing page without getting your account blocked.

How to Use Facebook and Reddit Accounts

Now that you may already have joined sufficient Facebook groups, you can begin posting content to promote products. To stay safe, refrain from adding any links to your actual post and rather do it in the comments section.

You should choose a genuine product from the Amazon store and look for relevant images through the internet to give the impression that you own the product. For example, you can opt for a board game and write a genuine post in Facebook groups or Subreddits you have joined, such as:

“Has anyone tried before the Hogwarts Battle Board game? I received a free game online, but can’t understand how to play it.”

Since you didn’t post any links, it’s likely that the post will be approved. Your post will engage the audience and they will share their experience. So, stay online and respond to comments at the earliest to increase the reach. If someone inquires how to get the product, you can direct them to the Twitter post.

However, if no one asks you about that, you can inform them through comments. After replying to a few comments, it’s safe to add a link to the Twitter post in a subtle way.

“Oh, if anyone is wondering how I got the product for free, then you can check it here [Twitter post link].”

This strategy is quite effective and can bring a good income. But you have to be cautious and very subtle when creating promotional posts for Facebook or Reddit.


It’s not too difficult to make money through the aforementioned method. Once you understand the process, you can create multiple accounts on Facebook and Reddit and start posting on groups and Subreddits. You can explore a wide range of niches to earn a handsome income.

But at the same time, it’s important to note that money doesn’t come easy. You have to work hard to get the desired results. While this strategy is a proven way to earn income, you can’t outsource it to others. So, put in your best efforts and create a stable source of income.

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