Content curation in blogging

Content Curation for Bloggers: A Brief Insight into Benefits and Tips

Are you a blogger? Then you’d know how important it is to create content that keeps the audience hooked from start till the end. Engaging content builds credibility and helps you convert readers into customers.

But it’s surprising that many bloggers don’t find it necessary to understand their target audience. Consequently, they produce only mediocre content that fails to capture the attention.

The key to making your blog a hit is to add value they can’t find anywhere else.

To make your content more attractive, you should try out different tactics. For instance, aside from text content, you should also consider including infographics, videos, images, and podcasts. Another way to achieve this goal is to do deep research about the topic and offer the curated, very best info to your readers.

This method is extremely popular among bloggers because it gives them the opportunity to keep their audience updated about trending news and events. Since the audience needs not visit other websites to find the content of their interest, they can save time and find the very best info at your website and therefore stay loyal in the long run.

Social media channels promote content curation since they allow users to share content from any and every resource. Let’s move on to some of the advantages of content curation:

Content Curation: Benefits

You can gather information from reliable and reputable resources. This technique is beneficial is that you can build authority in your niche. This helps you share extremely useful information with visitors. However, you can make the most of content curation only if you fully understand what information readers are interested in.

As a blog owner, you need not write new blogs frequently and can rather compile content from other sources. This way, you can keep your blog up-to-date. Furthermore, you can use a tool such as Feedly or MyCurator WordPress plugin to automate the task.

The success of your blog heavily relies on the value provided to readers. The more high value content you offer, the more it will engage the audience. Therefore, content curation can positively influence the loyalty and engagement of the target audience.

Improve Social Media Presence

You’re losing out on a great opportunity if you don’t actively use social platforms to promote your blog. Around 800 million people use social sites and you can build followers by posting content regularly.

A majority of social media users don’t create fresh content. Instead, they identify a problem and post relevant solutions to help readers. Not only does it save them time, but they are also able to earn the loyalty of followers through value addition.

When curating content, don’t forget that Google has strict policies regarding plagiarism. Your blog would be penalized if you present content from other websites as your own. So, it’s best to take precautionary measures to improve your blog and social media presence. You want readers to know about your blog. Hence, add a link to your blog in social media posts and increase blog traffic.

Keep Your Blog Updated

As per the latest Google algorithm, blogs that regularly update their content can achieve higher search engine rankings. The purpose of introducing this update is to provide internet users with the best and latest content to further improve their experience. 

As a blog owner, it’s not always easy to come up with unique ideas and update your blog. However, if you curate content from other sources, you’ll find it relatively easier to make a new content more frequently.

Now that you know why it is important to curate content, let’s move on to the tips and tricks that you will find useful in the journey.

Content Curation: Tips and Tricks

Build a Pattern

The blog audience prefers visiting blogs that are always updated. When you automate content curation, you can create new posts on regular intervals. Whenever they need information about the niche, they will pay your site a visit and become your loyal followers.

Social Media Promotion

Content curation can aid you in improving your social media presence. Since you provide enormous value to readers through a single blog, more and more people will be attracted. They are likely to share your posts on their social profiles and share it with their social networks. Therefore, you should make it easier for the audience to share the entire blog posts or chunks of a post and establish an effective social sharing funnel.

The easier it is for readers to share your curated content on social media, the more it’ll help you grow your brand. There are many wordpress plugins which offer content sharing in a click! This is also a great way to bring more traffic to your blog.

Optimize your Blog

SEO increases organic traffic to your website. So, make sure the content you curate is optimized for search engines. When blog readers share content, they will share the optimized version. Consequently, your website will go up in relevant search results and catch the attention of searchers.

When optimizing your content for search engines, pay attention to the following factors:

  • URL optimization
  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Keywords
  • Internal and external links

Exclusive Content

When you’re new to content curation, you may collect information from a wide range of sources. But as your blog grows, you can contact popular websites to get exclusive rights for displaying their content. Since no one else will be able to show their content, visitors will turn to your blog to read valuable posts.

However, earning exclusive rights isn’t as easy as it seems. With a huge number of blogs operating, why would they choose you? You need to show them why you’re the best in the business and why you deserve this privilege.

For this purpose, it’s best to maintain records of website traffic, engagement data, and revenue. This comprehensive information will support your case when you reach out to authority blogs for content curation exclusivity.

Choose WordPress

Do you want to create a new blog website for curating content? Then the best option is to choose WordPress CMS for building it.

This platform offers a myriad of plugins through which you can create an eye-catching website and add functionalities in no time. This is particularly helpful for bloggers who have little to no experience of programming. All you need to do is to install WordPress and look for the right plugins to make the task easier.

Regularly Monitor Your Website

When you automate content curation, it’s easy to get inactive because automation tools will perform the task on your behalf. But it’s crucial to stay active and monitor blog activities. Don’t forget to log in to your account and check content because you will still need to write your comments about curated content and do even more curation yourself. This way, you can make sure that your website is free of spam or below-standard content as well as keep your website running smoothly.


Content curation is quite popular these days. It’s a great option when you don’t have time to create fresh blog posts or lack financial resources to hire a professional blog writer to perform the job for you. It helps you establish your brand and significantly increase website traffic through promotional campaigns.

But before you dive into the area of content curation, you should remember certain things.

First, add value to readers through the best content so they feel the urge to visit your blog and share posts on social media. Secondly, optimize your blog to increase visibility in the long run. Lastly, make sure you add reference to the rightful owner of the information to avoid copyright issues.

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