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Cold Email Campaigns: Writing and Executing an Effective one!

If you’re a full-time blogger then, my friend, I know how much of a hassle it must be for you to carry on with this continuously, without earning as much as you’d like to. Everyone wants a lavish lifestyle, but full-time blogging is most definitely a chore that doesn’t allow for you to get one!

But hold up! What if there was a way for you to finally get the lifestyle of your dreams, as soon as possible, by selling your services? 

Well, cold email campaigns are here to the rescue!

Wait a minute, but why should I sell my blogging services?

Look at it this way, if you’re a full-time blogger, your portfolio is already full and rich. Plus you have the experience and the technique to ensure great traffic to your website. This will put you a step ahead of all the writers out there in the market regarding freelancing. 

Being a newbie, you’ll have a lot of chances to grow, all while making a good amount of bucks. Selling your blogging service through freelancing could surely help you achieve your actual goals by just working part-time yet making enough money to fulfill the bar you’ve set for yourself.

An amazing example of this would be Elna Cain who left working and pursued freelancing to work her way into blogging, full time. Despite managing two blogs, she also runs Innovative Ink, a freelance site.

Along with that, you can also improve your blog’s rankings while making cash out of it! How? Selling work for other blogs can get you many backlinks for your website! It’s that simple.

As a blogger, what services can I cash?

Blogging isn’t only about writing, so you must have  developed a bunch of other skills along with that! Here are some of the skills you may use:

  • Planning of content
  • Writing, itself
  • Creation of courses
  • Coaching
  • Social media posts

You may also convert niche-specific skills into a part of your services! This may include:

  • Working as a virtual assistant
  • A bookkeeper
  • Financial adviser 

But for all of this to work out, you’ll need to market and promote your services. An effective cold email campaign can be your best friend regarding that!

Launching a Cold Email Campaign that is Effective

It is estimated that open rates usually lie between about 20% to 40% in email marketing. Considering cold email campaigns, the rate is even lower! But don’t fret, because this can be fixed. You can look at the tips below to gain the most from your cold campaign:

Create a List of Target Audience

The first and foremost thing that you’re supposed to ensure is targeting the right people. This would ensure the success of your campaign to a great degree. Consider the following questions while reaching out:

  • What type of people can make use of my services?
  • Where can I find these people? E.g. LinkedIn, AngelList, etc.
  • Do they need my help?

After you’ve answered the above questions, get on with making a list of these prospects (Google Sheets is a lifesaver) and figure out who to contact. In case it’s a small company, you may contact the CEO, or if it’s a big company, getting in touch with the marketing director would be sufficient.

Next, you’ve got to get relevant details including the name of your target and their email. Some amazing tools out there for that are Norbert and Hunter that give you free credits per month, or you may purchase them as well! I’d personally suggest Norbert though, because it is more reliable and correct. 

Once you’re done collecting the basic info, your spreadsheet row is complete! But hold up, one thing’s left. You need a key line that will help you get the prospect’s attention. Go for something to congratulate them on, like an achievement. Make it as genuine as you can!

Engage with Your Prospects

A funny contradiction to cold email campaigns is that they’re warm! You’ve got to warm up to the people you’re targeting to gain their attention. 

Follow them on social media, especially their personal accounts, and regularly interact with them. This will make them familiar with you quickly and they’ll be less likely to mark your email as spam! Simple as that.

Create the Perfect Email

Catching your prospect’s attention once they open up your email is a very difficult job. You need to make sure that it is interesting enough to intrigue them and keep them hooked!

What you want to do is to lure them in by talking about something that could benefit them. Many people make the email all about what they’re trying to sell, which comes off as uninteresting and makes the email jump into the trash bin. 

So, what we’d want to do here is to follow the following steps:

  • Talk about the prospects’ problems. Pick out their problems and offer yourself as a solution for them, preferably, for free. 
  • Avoid making the email salesy, that’s the last thing you’d want to do! 
  • Open a conversation with them and make them feel comfortable. 
  • Be concise, no one wants to read lengthy paragraphs. 
  • Don’t forget the call-to-action at the end of the email.
  • Send a follow-up to ensure that an interested client is not lost! But try not to be too annoying.

Use a Trusty Software

If you’re wondering about ways to launch your cold email campaign, then there are a bunch of routes you can take. The worse one, though, would be a manual process. Yeah, you may have the entire list as a spreadsheet and you’d just have to modify the name and the key line, but that would take too much time. Especially if you want to send emails out in bulk.

A good replacement for that would be the use of an online tool and there are many of those. The one I recommend is Streak. It is a Google Chrome plugin that tells you whenever a person opens your email, while also allowing you to upload a CSV file and do mail merges. This gives a huge room for personalization, all the while saving you time!

A tip you must keep in mind is that your spreadsheet lists should be clean. Try to avoid using lengthy company names etc. because it comes off as scripted and increases the chances of disinterest by the potential client. You should also avoid making the email overly personal or it would come off as way too eager and creepy.

Another amazing tool is Mailshake, which although isn’t free, but works like a charm! Using this tool, you’re the boss. You can even come up with your own rules and sequences! It’s best for when you want to send out multiple emails at a time.

Cliently is another tool that is worth mentioning. Despite not being as user-friendly as Mailshake, Cliently still gives you a bunch of personalization options, based on the prospect you are targeting. This tool also offers purchasable credits that can be used to send your prospects actual gift certificates, hand-written letters, and postcards! Talk about dedication.

Keep Track of Your Metrics

You should make use of the tools you choose and spend an extra bit of time to track your metrics. Doing so is extremely important because it’ll help you understand what you’re lacking and what you can improve. 

Suppose that your open rate is very low, this will show that you need a better subject for emails to catch attention. But if the open rate is great yet the replies are none, then you’d have to pay more attention to the content of the email.

For this, you may use the A/B testing features of your tool (if it provides one, and for a low price at that too), or you can make small changes in your emails to test out how the metrics are affected due to those changes.

Location of the Prospect and Legal Issues

People usually wonder whether cold emails are spam, or are they even legal? That solely depends on the location of your prospect. Some countries allow cold emails fully, others consider them illegal, e.g. Canada. As for countries like the US, you’d need to follow a bunch of rules before sending out cold emails:

  • Mention a physical address.
  • Your prospect should be given an option to not consider your email. You can add an unsubscribe button for that, or ask them to not reply if they aren’t interested.
  • Avoid using tools like ConvertKit, it is most definitely illegal there. Though you can send your emails using emailing systems like the ones mentioned in the above paragraphs, or send the emails out manually. 


Cold emailing is a pretty great way to gather clients, make links and expand reach in your niche. All these opportunities can help you earn more as a blogger and put your skills to use! 

Launching effective cold email campaigns can help you gain possible clients by just investing a few hours into this field. A good tip would be to add Albacross to your site, which would help you detect and collect email info of the businesses and companies that visit your site. This would help you gain new clients and keep them hooked by sending out emails.

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