leverage instagram for your blog promotion

How to Leverage Instagram for a Blog Promotion

Back in the day, business marketing was all about networking, link building, and mass media promotions. These methods are still very much in use, but they aren’t as effective as social media due to high costs and low conversion rates. Social channels have gained popularity among marketers since they offer better opportunities to establish a […]

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use this google docs to increase your writing productivity

Boost Your Writing Productivity: 7 Google Doc Tips to Help You Out

Writing is a crucial part of your life wherever you go. Regardless of whether you’re into novel writing or a student with assignments, a blogger, and a professional copywriter, you can’t avoid writing. However, it’s not easy to come up with quality content when you’re on strict deadlines. If you still use offline word processing […]

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Pinterest Traffic Marketing

Make The Most Traffic Out of Pinterest in 2019

Have you recently started a blog? Are you having trouble getting more engagements on your website? Yes? Well…, I had the same problem. It is difficult to rank your blog in this century. The amount of competition can fry your brain cells and still, you will hardly get the required output. But I have a […]

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Cold email campaign

Cold Email Campaigns: Writing and Executing an Effective one!

If you’re a full-time blogger then, my friend, I know how much of a hassle it must be for you to carry on with this continuously, without earning as much as you’d like to. Everyone wants a lavish lifestyle, but full-time blogging is most definitely a chore that doesn’t allow for you to get one! […]

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Practice hard

Practicing Hard Won’t Make You Perfect But It Will Make You Better

Whether you’re a student or a professional, you may have heard it from people around you that “practice makes perfect”. People use this phrase to motivate and encourage you to work hard. We all know that we can’t expect to perform exceptionally well when we try our hand at a task for the first time […]

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be successful on linkedin

A Quick Guide to Improve Your LinkedIn Blog Posts

I was recently carrying out an online research to learn more about this professional networking site and I came across a well-written post by Joshua Andrews. He shared a few lesser-known observations about LinkedIn. I know many of you want to build your personal or professional brand on the website and this blog post will […]

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using Instagram to increase your followers

Instagram and Blogging: 6 Ways You Can Increase Your Follower Base

There’s no denying that blogging on Instagram is one of the most effective and proven tactics to build your business and promote it online. It’s not a good idea to overlook other digital platforms such as Google and Pinterest that can bring huge traffic to your website. However, you can’t build readership and win loyal […]

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youtube success tips

5 Key Takeaways from the Success of Top YouTubers

It was the year 2006 when I decided to launch my YouTube channel and started my career as a blogger. Around the same time, I got the opportunity to meet Josh Barkley. And guess what? He had also launched his YouTube channel the same year. At that time, not many people considered YouTube a reliable […]

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